Three Reasons to Use Mouth Guards in Sports

People involved in various sports activities often tend to get injured on the field. Players commonly suffer from sprains, bruises and concussions and are advised to wear protective gear and pads to prevent them. Though generally ignored, dental injuries also feature in the list for the most common injuries. Just like other body injuries, dental injuries too can be prevented by using a mouth guard. However, youngsters may be reluctant to wear one due to discomfort, breathing and speech interferences or merely because it doesn’t look appealing on everyone. However, the benefits of using mouth guards far surpass these minor issues and hence should be worn by everyone involved in collision or contact sports.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be using a mouth guard:

  • To prevent dental injuries

A mouth guard protects your teeth from various dental injuries such as cracks, chipping, displacement and fractures. A blow to your face can cause your tooth to break which can be avoided with a mouth guard. Using one will act as a cushion between the object and the teeth. This distributes the force evenly all over your teeth and prevents a full impact blow on just one. This can reduce damage and more often than not avert irreversible injuries.

  •  To protect against jaw fractures

Being hit on the head can cause your teeth to collide and put tremendous force on your jaws resulting in a fracture.  Jaw fractures require surgeries that are not just extensive but can be expensive too. Avoid this by wearing a mouth guard that acts as a barrier and provides flexibility to help displace the force. This can make the impact sustainable for your jaws and reduce the possibility of surgery.

  •  To avoid facial scarring

A reckless fall on the ground may not result in serious injuries but may cause the player to bite into their tongue, lip or cheek. Sharp teeth can cause a torn lip or cheeks which may not just result in scars but also require stitches and days of recovery. A mouth guard acts as a covering for your sharp teeth and protects your soft tissues from any cuts or bruises, thus cutting the risk of facial scarring.

Besides the above, a mouth guard can also help protect against concussions. So go ahead and buy one that suits you best or contact your dentist to recommend a mouth guard for you.

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