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Robert Hill, Our Patient Shares His Review on Dentzz Dental Clinic

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Hi, my name is Robert hill and I am here at Dentzz clinic in Mumbai. I came here because I had to have my all the teeth out, had a dental diseases and was poise in my system. I got a quote in Sydney Australia, infact I had 4 quotes, the cheapest quote was for 48 thousand Australian Dollar and that was for twelve implants and bridge work, crowns. Here at Dentzz they do 16 implants and the rest of it crowns everything and it was one third the cost. My treatment here was being absolutely excellent, I was sceptical when I first came, and many people have made here and they send before and after work has been fantastic, just completed my treatment and here’s my teeth they are fantastic. Their attention to details couldn’t be better. I thoroughly recommend it to anybody who is in need of dental work. The whole experience of coming to Mumbai and still at the fraction of cost at of anything in Australia far-far better. The dentist are trained from different part of world and it is not a third grade country you are coming to and the treatment you get is absolutely, absolutely nice, couldn’t recommend it enough. Dentzz have me on record, so if you want to contact me, you can do that my email is and I would be very happy to talk to you and tell you what ere my experiences. Thank you.


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